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What type of wood used to make a Murphy bed?

You can either use solid wood as chipboard, with a minimum of 16mm thick. Drawings provided with the mechanisms are given for making a wooden box using 16mm thick. We can, upon request, send you by mail the plans for a wood of 18 or 19 mm. For other thicknesses, you adapt your plans wood.

Is it possible to have other size beds as standard sizes announced?

We provide only the plans for European standard mattress sizes (single 90x190 cm Double 140x190 cm, 160x200 cm Queen), and spring mechanisms are different for each model. However it is possible to slightly modify the shores of a box to fit other mattress sizes (while readjusting the spring tension to the total weight). In this case you take care to match all the measurements of your box for your mattress.

What are the overall size Murphy beds?

Our plans suggest manufacturing of boxes to total dimensions:
simple vertical : h.206 x L.110 x p. 41 cm (p. ouvert 213 cm)
double vertical : h.206 x L.162 x p. 41 cm (p. ouvert 213 cm)
Queen vertical : h.216 x L.180 x p. 41 cm (p. ouvert 222 cm)
simple latéral : h.106 x L.209 x p. 41 cm (p. ouvert 111 cm)
double latéral : h.158 x L.209 x p.41 cm (p. ouvert 164 cm)
Queen latéral : h.176 x L.219 x p.41 cm (p. ouvert 181 cm)

The bed should it be wall mounted?

Yes. The Murphy bed must be securely attached to the wall, see notice page 16 plans that are freely available in the "PLANS".

The bed can he ascend alone?

No, impossible. The rise of the door of the bed is assisted by a spring mechanism, and the mechanism is adjusted to balance the weight of the mattress and the door but always deploy a minimum of physical effort to raise the door to the bed

What is the guarantee of the mechanism?

The security of the mechanism is for a period of 5 years. It covers the mechanism and metal components against defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty is limited to repair, replacement or refund value of the goods found defective. The warranty is not transferable. Transportation costs are not covered by the warranty.

What type of mattress should I use?

Standard size mattress foam or springs with up to 20 cm thick (for manufacturing drawings we suggest). No minimum or maximum weight, for the spring system is to be paid based on the total weight will be inside the bed

Can we leave the sheets and comforter inside the closed bed?

Yes. We specify a maximum of 20cm mattress, the total depth between the slats and the box is 25cm, leaving approximately 5 cm above the mattress to the sheets and comforter.

Can we leave the pillows inside the closed bed?

It all depends on the thickness. There are several models of pillows, some being much thicker. By selecting standard pillows and a thinner but equally comfortable mattress, you can keep the bedding and pillows inside the bed

Do you offer the sale, delivery and installation of a complete wall bed?

You will find on our site only selling mechanisms with plans suggest making boxes for wall beds. Delivery mechanism across Europe at a price of 29 euros incl. It will be offered for sale complete beds running kit in October 2014 through a website which will be announced on the homepage of our website as soon as the products are availables. Do not hesitate to contact us >> HERE << for more information.

The manufacture and assembly of a is it feasible Murphy bed by anyone?

It is recommended to order cuts of wood from a professional in the field. The assembly of the wall bed requires minimal skills; Plans that are provided detailed assembly "step by step", please consult (free in the "PLANS") before purchasing a mechanism to evaluate the difficulty of assembly.
Security measures are identified and you should make sure that the bed is secured to the wall with fasteners appropriate to your wall.